Sharpen Your 足球买球app Ads Manager Skills

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Sharpen Your 足球买球app Ads Manager Skills

As you ramp up for the new year, set yourself up for success by sharpening your 足球买球app Ads Manager skills in order to maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a seasoned Ads Manager user, or new to the platform, this session will unlock some key tools and tips to streamline and more efficiently manage your campaigns.

In this webinar, you learned:

  • Dive into the latest in Connected TV and Over-the-Top technology directly from our Product team with practical applications for how to extend the impact of the mobile and desktop campaigns you already run with 足球买球app into the CTV/OTT space
  • Learn valuable tips, tricks and troubleshooting for commonly asked questions or shortcuts that could save you time while setting up campaigns, managing campaign pacing, and optimizing campaigns
  • Walk-through reporting capabilities and analysis
  • Get a chance to ask your questions live!

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Allison Buck
Associate Account Executive